Ice Cube Cold Storage: We specialize in temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution of frozen products for customers looking for New England-based storage and shipping options.


Our cutting-edge e-portal is your one-stop shop for relevant inventory information at Ice Cube. Electronic access to real-time records allows for timely and optimal inventory management decisions.


Safe, accurate and reliable storage and shipment of your frozen inventory. Your customers demand and expect on-time and complete shipment of your products in perfect condition, every time.

IceCube Cold Storage and Logistics

Welcome to Ice Cube Cold Storage and Logistics, the best choice for New England-based temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution. We have been in the fresh and frozen foods business for twenty years, so we know first-hand how important great storage and transportation capabilities are to providing outstanding overall customer service for your business. With our brand-new 80,000 square foot frozen storage facility, we offer leading-edge New England-based services from our convenient location in Fall River, Massachusetts. Our passionate employees provide personalized and dedicated service. Trust Ice Cube – we’ll never leave you out in the cold.

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